How to Maximise the Life of Your Swimwear

This may seem straight forward enough but how many of us have actually taken a second thought before throwing all our garments into the washing machine?
I know what you're thinking, who has the time to do that right? With today's fast paced and on the run lifestyle we seem to neglect a lot of important things. That's why we've put together this simple and easy to understand guide, so that you have more time for the important things in life.

Care Symbol Glossary


Cold Water Wash

Washing in cold water reduces colour fade and shrinkage.

Gentle Hand Wash

Why risk the rough conditions inside your machine.

Gentle Machine Wash

If you have to, use gentle cycle and our mesh laundry bag.

Hang Dry in Shade

The sun can burn you, it can burn your garments.

Wash Inside Out

To keep your garments looking fresh and new

Use Gentle Detergent

It's a chemical, the less harsh the better.


Do Not Bleach

Bleaching causes colour bleed and damages fabric fibres.

Do Not Dry Clean

Dry cleaning can cause shrinkage or colour fade.

Do Not Iron

High temperatures can cause burns or leave unsightly marks.

Do Not Tumble Dry

Quickly drying your clothes in high temperatures will cause shrinking.

Do Not Soak

Soaking causes colour bleeding.

Avoid Rough Surfaces

Avoid pilling and abrasions.