Swimwear Biz Flexes Recycling Muscle

EMPTY plastic bottles have never looked so good - not to mention good for the planet. Men's swimwear company 2EROS turns waste from plastic bottles into luxury swimwear.

Each "budgie smuggler" is made of about 10 bottles, with shorts made from about 18.

Founder of 2EROS, Jason Hoeung started making sustainable swimwear in 2019, 11 years after he first founded the business. 

2EROS has repurposed over seven hundred thousand plastic bottles

Even the woven and knitted materials are made from recycled bottles.

"We started doing it because the sea and the ocean is our bread and butter." Mr Hoeung said."

“Australians love to swim and want to preserve our beaches and marine life for future generations."

The plastic bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate, the same material as polyester. The bottles are broken down into small particles which are then repurposed into nylon or polyester.

The new recycled products can themselves be recycled to be made again into new products.