2EROS was conceptualised by Australian designer Jason Hoeung in 2008 and is now one of Australia’s rising men’s underwear, beachwear and active wear brands that empower men to live actively with style. Our strong connection to the Australian lifestyle, delivers pieces that are stylish, timeless and functional, while avoiding and rejecting mediocrity to promote self-expression and confidence.

The name

Pronounced 'To Eros'.

Eros, the Greek God of lust and love, symbolically represents sex, male virility and passion. As a result, 'To Eros' means 'to the God of Love', swimwear apparel designed for men like yourself (the God of love) who's looking for sexy and luxury designs when striping down to your swimwear or underwear.


Every design prides itself on originality by exploring a variety of bold and intriguing colour palettes beyond the typical mainstream choices which are unique and strikingly fashionable. Focused on quality and detailed workmanship with professionally sourced manufacturers and suppliers. The designs are subject to extensive refinements to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Where can you find us?

2EROS is also available is selected stockists around the world, please check out our stockist page for more details.