Designed for life

LFE products are designed with purpose, to improve the quality of your everyday life through thoughtful designs and high quality fabrics that strives towards a sustainable tomorrow. Designed to last and to be enjoyed for many years to come. Take a stance towards reducing wastage and to a sustainable future. Look good and feel good about what you’re wearing. These are the foundations of LFE.


Designed for life
Whenever, wherever & whatever

Designed so that you want to wear it everyday and ultimately reducing fast fashion. We all live on the go lifestyles. From social, to work, to workout. It's important to ensure that the garments we wear fits into our lives, no matter the location, activity or time.


Quality fabrics
Not only feels good but will last

LFE focuses on premium fabrics that are known to last longer and are designed for form and function. Ecologically and ethically made to care for the earth for generations to come.


Sustainably made/sourced
For generations to come

LFE is about giving back to the environment or proven to be ethically sourced. It matters because we care about the impact our decisions make on humanity and the natural environment we live in.