For many years men’s underwear went unchanged and unchallenged. But the revolution is upon us! Long gone are the days of feeling squashed, restricted and constant adjusting. Underwear is no longer just underwear in the 21st century. Basic, flat underwear has seen a decline as men have hit an epiphany and are looking to improve their quality of life and give their package the red carpet treatment. As we all know, our packages are subject to some of the worst conditions imaginable to man. Hot humid and sticky, which can result in an array of issues, from undesirable moistness, to chafing or even a low tadpole count. To combat this we have carefully crafted the 2EROS CURV Technology which combines comfort, quality and functionality, proving unprecedented levels of support for men.



Every pair of 2EROS features a combination of form and function that makes them the most comfortable and sexiest pair of underwear. The 2EROS CURV holds everything in place giving you the right amount of support.



The 2EROS CURV is designed to not only give you a natural lift but to also create a 'contact-less' support, meaning it keeps your package away from your skin to reduce sweating and ultimately chaffing.



The iconic 2EROS CURV is designed with a scoop which lifts, contours and shapes everything in a natural way. Every pair of 2EROS is ergonomically designed to give you the right amount of room and support in all the right places.