Underwear Under Swimwear

Should you wear underwear under your swimmers, trunks or shorts. To be honest, it seems counter-productive to us. Unless you like the feeling of soggy undies. Read on and we'll run through 3 reasons why you shouldn't wear underwear under your swimmers.


It's Not Good For Your Underwear

Underwear isn't designed for the beach or pool.The ocean and pool are very harsh on your underwear, especially on natural fibres like cotton or bamboo. Chlorine and salt water are very abrasive to the delicate fibres of your underwear, plus it'll fade the colours right out and reduce the elasticity.

Swimwear is generally made from lightweight and quick-dry materials, making it perfect for pool parties and beach days. Underwear, however, is designed to be soft and perfect for lounging around or daily living. 

It Doesn't Look Good

Especially once it gets wet, then BAM, everyone can see through to your soul, leaving nothing to the imagination. When wet, your underwear will get pulled in different directions and can look unflattering. Plus, let's face it, seeing your underwear line or waistband outside your swimwear or shorts is not flattering.

Plus, getting a relaxing tan will be disrupted by your wet underwear soaking through your shorts and seeping onto your towel, leaving a huge wet spot that makes it seem like you had an accident.


It's Not Comfy

Beach days only come every so often, and we want to make the most out of them. Savour every moment, be wild and free. Luckily every pair of 2EROS shorts and swim briefs includes a micro inner mesh lining, which keeps everything in place and eliminates the need for underwear.

"But what if my swimmers fall down and 'HELLO', I show more than planned?" Well this can be solved simply by choosing better-fitting swimwear for your body - Check out the blog on ‘how to find the right swimwear for your body.'

The Verdict

Alright, gentlemen, there you have it – Why you shouldn't wear your underwear under your swimmers. If you're ready to make waves and elevate your beach days, make sure to explore all of 2EROS swimwear. Thanks for reading, and as always, stay golden - Ciao for now