3 Reasons why the V10 is the go-to swim brief

Let's talk swim briefs. Are you considering showing off your hard-earned summer body this year? I'm with you, and that's why I'm making a case for why all guys should try our V10 swim brief. Over the years, the V10 swim brief fit has been refined and evolved to accentuate the male body.


Low-Rise And Pouchy

The V10 sits low on your hips to accentuate your pelvic line, giving you that awesome v-taper. The narrow side seams and gusset combined with the wide and high leg opening show off your quads and keep your legs looking proportional.

The unique V10 contoured pouch is designed to support, lift and enhance your pouch, keeping you feeling comfy all day.

The V10, extremely comfortable, super stylish and quite flattering for most guys. While it's a bonus to have a killer six-pack and beefy glutes, the V10 swim brief works well on almost all body types.

Despite their appearance, I think you'll find that they are actually cozier to swim in than traditional trunks. To put it in perspective, swim briefs are like gloves, it fits your hand perfectly, while shorts and trunks are more like oven mitts, with more coverage and less mobility. 


Turn heads and make a statement

If you want to stand out and make a statement, there's no better way than by rocking the V10 swim brief. It takes confidence and reveals quite a lot about you; you're self-assured, secure, and playful. The V10 swim briefs also come in various colours and prints, which will turn some heads and make a splash at your next pool party. Sure, everyone will be looking, but that is exactly what you want.


Show off your assets

I think we all need to embrace our god-given glutes. You should feel confident to show it off whether you're toned, curvy, or a little plump. I repeat! There's nothing wrong with putting your best asset forward. Thankfully, the V10s are designed to lift, cinch and shape your glutes.


Travel friendly

The V10 swim briefs are lightweight and compact. They take up virtually no space, so they'll allow you to travel light whether you're going to the beach, pool or abroad. They also dry a lot faster than other swimsuits, which makes for an altogether more comfortable experience once you're out of the water.