3 Myths About Swim Briefs

How lucky are we to have so much variety when it comes to swimwear? From swim briefs to trunks, bikinis, thongs and shorts. With so many options at our fingertips, it's no surprise that some misconceptions have snuck its way into the conversation. Read on and we'll debunk 3 of the biggest myths surrounding men’s swim briefs.


They're Not Masculine

Swim briefs or as we like to call them in Australia, budgie smugglers, are actually designed to enhance and emphasise the male body. Pouchy for support, high cut leg openings to show off your strong glutes and low-rise so your chiselled v-taper shines through. Think James Bond walking out of the water from Casino Royale - But I get it, we’re not all greek gods with chiselled abs, but one of the foundations of being masculine is being confident, so strut your stuff and own what your mamma gave ya.

They're Too Tight

There is a stereotype that swim briefs are only suitable for men with perfectly sculpted bodies. In reality, swim briefs are designed for all body types. Like any other swimwear, they come in different cuts and sizes to accommodate various shapes and sizes. If you find that swim briefs are too tight then most properly you probably need to go up a size. Technically, they’re fitted and yes, they reveal more than your average board shorts but is that such a bad thing? Be confident and embrace your manhood and masculinity.


Only For Pros And Are Not Versatile

While swim briefs are favoured by many competitive swimmers for their minimal drag and enhanced performance in the water, they are not exclusive to professional athletes but let’s think outside the box for a second, and no, I don’t mean, let’s wear them to work, now you’re just being silly. Think sun-baking, beach parties, resorts, swimming laps, spas and saunas or even cruises. Swim briefs come in various styles and colours to suit different tastes and activities.

Bonus Tip

If you must wear unlined shorts, use swim briefs almost as ‘water specific underwear’. They dry quicker than your regular underwear, which is great! I mean unless you like soggy underwear that takes forever to dry and sticks to your body, then no. And no, no underwear is not better. Where’s the support for your pouch? I encourage and support you to give those swimmers a go!