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The 4 golden rules to maximise the life of your swimwear

The 4 Golden Rules 

Avoid sitting on rough surfaces

Why? The fine fabric we use in your swimwear is delicate. Friction on rough surfaces will cause the fibres to pill and eventually cause abrasions.

Avoid hot tubs and spas

Why? Hot chlorine is not good for any garment. It will cause the fabric to lose elasticity and eventually deteriorate.

Rise thoroughly and wash after use

Have you ever forgotten to hang the washing? Only to smell it days later? This smell is bacteria. Bacteria will grow in wet and damp conditions and if left long enough will turn into mould.

Make sure you have the correct size

Why? Although the stretch in our swimwear is quite generous, the threads used are made from refined cotton/poly/nylon blend, so if you are squeezing and over stretching your swimmers, it will put pressure onto the seams. This will cause the threads to break and the seams will eventually come apart.