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Swimwear inspired by travel

Just the thought of exploring new and different destinations and cultures brings a smile to my face and butterflies in my stomach.
Over the years, 2EROS has been inspired by different cultures and destinations, from the rich and iridescent colours of Morocco to the clean and gorgeous simplicity of Japan.
Let us show you how we were inspired.
Saturated in India
A combination of traditional Indian aesthetics and modern flair brightened by vibrant, and rich colours found at every corner. The iconic animals like the tiger and peacock is well presented in our prints
A modern affair with Japan
Simple, clean, and minimal has been the driving movement over the past few years in Japan. Japan is a complex country which is driven by simplicity and getting back the basics and appreciating the natural world is evident in their arts.
Australian roots
Australia is not only known for its lush flora and fauna but also its diversity. Inspired by traditional and modern cultures throughout the world, such as the rich and vibrant colours of India to the refined nature of Japan. We wanted to show how original Australian flora and fauna is by our originally designed prints and matched it with a style that's uniquely Australian (sexy and relaxed).
Island Paradise in Hawaii
When you think of swimwear, you think of beautiful long stretches of beaches, lush vegetation, and of course summer. What better place reminds you of this than Hawaii. Every season we are drawn to the allure of Hawaii and we have made so many prints inspired by Hawaii.
Products: V10 Honolulu, V10 Waikiki, V10 Tahiti
Africa, the motherland
Africa has long been a source of influence for fashionable trends in the western world, from tropical birds to it's native flora. This can been seen throughout our prints which combine traditional styles with a modern flair.
Products: V10 Birds of Paradise, V10 Birds of Tropics

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