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Sweat rash is a yeast infection that happens when your sweat is not able to reach the surface of the skin due to blockage or clogged pores. Our body sweats to cool down, and when we are unable to sweat our body will overheat. Sweat rash generally happens often in areas where the skin rubs together, or is covered by clothes, such as the armpits, the back of your elbow, the back of your knees, the upper body and the sides of your junk. Here’s a list of things that can possibly lead to sweat rash:

• Not enough ventilation around the area

• Clogged pores from dead skin or bacteria
• Too much friction
• Heat and humidity around the area
• Activities that make you sweat
• Hot weather
• Skin tight clothing

Knowing these causes, we can try to minimise the chance of it happening!

As it is a yeast infection, you will need a cream from your doctor to help with the bacteria if you have already got it. A popular old wives remedy is to regularly wash the area with Dettol soap  to help get rid of it!

Unfortunately hot weather is not controllable by any of us! Well, I guess you could get some air conditioning.

Clogged pores and bacteria can be controlled with exfoliating and cleaning. Make sure you also lightly moisturise after, dry skin leads to more oil which can lead to blockage! We’d recommend some baking soda or some natural oats for exfoliating.  

We can combat not enough ventilation, too much friction, and skin tight clothing with baggier underwear that allows your package to breathe. You could also use underwear made with natural fibres that allow breathing. Natural Fibers can also be too warm in warmer countries, so synthetics such as tactel might be ideal  if you live in warmer climates.

We would recommend the Core and Icon boxer shorts as they are also made of cotton and bamboo as it allows the area to breathe as it has natural fibres. Sweat wicking fabrics such as tactel also work.

Some of us like and need the support for our junk. In those cases you can actually still fitted underwear, but make sure they are moisture wicking! Moisture in dark places tends to breed bacteria after all, plus it’d be very uncomfortable. To help with friction and heat and humidity there are ranges of underwear that use sweat wicking fabric. Sweat wicking fabric is quick dry and designed for sports people, who sweat a lot. We would recommend Olympus and the Jock Series from our underwear range.