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Like most of us, we’ve had our fair share of‘bad’ days. According to countless research and studies working out and exercise is one of the best combatants to this. Not only is it beneficial to your health but also to your mood. However, what you wear under there during a workout can seriously affect your enjoyment. We refer to this epidemic as the‘man-chafe’. It might surprise you that almost all men who lead active lifestyles suffer from some form of chafing or discomfort because they are not wearing the right underwear for their workouts.

A good pair of active underwear can make all the difference and so we’re here to ‘support’ you. Firstly, what makes a good pair of active underwear? Ventilation? Support? Sweat wicking? Fit? The answer is all of the above. b We’ve put together an easy to understand guide to help battle the chafe.

1. Ventilation

Aim for underwear that are designed with ‘vents’. Yes, air vents. This keeps everything cool and reduces sweating. Mesh and nylon or polyester fabrics also allows air to flow which reduces excessive sweating and ultimately sweat rash. The Pro Aktiv Series, Erebus and Olympus Seriesare designed with this in mind.

2. Support

Constant movement can take a toll on your assets. Active underwear is designed to protect your assets from a high-impact workout. The 2eros CURV technology lifts your assets away from your skin which not only gives you support but also reduces chafing and sweat rash.

3. Sweat Wicking 

This is one of the most important factors when getting an active underwear. Sweat and moisture creates friction that leads to chafing, not to mention the bacteria party you’ll be subject to which may cause even more damage. The Erebus Series offer sweat/moisture wicking material which is intended to pull moisture away from your skin to reduce friction.

4. Fit

The worst thing you can do is getting an active underwear that does not fit right. Loose fabric will not only caused friction but will also not support you in all the right places. The jockstrap is designed specifically to support your assets while leaving everything else free. If jockstraps scare you try something that is form fitted such as the Pro Aktiv brief.

Additionally, waistbands may not seem like a very important feature but you are so wrong! Have you ever noticed how some underwear dig into your skin because of their thin waistbands? All 2eros underwear are designed with thick and plush waistbands that are soft on the skin and offer comfort as they lay flat on the skin without bending or folding. Bonus

Tip: Avoid cotton when working out. They are terrible as moisture wicking is one of the top causes of chaffing.

Now that you’re equipped with this priceless information your workouts will never be the same again, they’ll be so much better!