3 tips on how travel smarter

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3 tips on how travel smarter


Whether you’re travelling to visit family, for business or just jetting off to an exotic location, preparation is paramount. Besides from cultural exploration and experiences, travel is also about having all the logistics down pat so that you can fully immerse yourself instead of worrying about all the little things. We’ve got you covered, here are 3 tips on how to travel smarter.

1: Have easy access to all your important documents and cards

Let's face it, nothing is worst than rummaging through your bags at the gate for your boarding documents. A common but easily solved problem. Simply, you need a passport wallet. It’s like an organiser for all your easily misplaced documents. It makes it easy to slot your passport, documents and cards neatly in a compact and easily accessible bag.

The 2EROS Icon Passport Wallet makes you travel like a pro. Weighing only 100g, it features 6 card slots for your credit, rewards and hotel cards as well as passport and boarding pass slots.

Bonus: Take it up a notch with the Icon Carry-all. The perfect way to carry your passport, wallet, phone and other necessitates.

2: Pack smarter

Avoid over packing by making sure that you’ve made a packing list. Use your itinerary to plan what you’ll wear/need each day and bring comfortable and versatile clothes.

Think of the Bondi Shorts as the James Bond of shorts. Not only is it comfortable and stylish but it also features multi use capabilities. Including being crafted out of 4 way stretch nylon which is perfect gym/workout shorts, quick-dry for a dip in the water and then dress it up with the Icon belt and buttoned shirt to hit the nightlight after.

Bonus: Chances are, you’ll be outdoors more than usual so bring sunscreen.

3: Just go with it and enjoy

Travel creates unforgettable memories and teaches us valuable experiences. Time is precious! Don’t wait to spend time with loved ones and experience all the beautiful and amazing things our world has to offer. Despite our busy, on the go lifestyles, you should never forget the important things in life.

Bonus: Be friendly to the flight attendants. You’ll catch more flies with honey than fire ; )